Once you take all of the required plumbing courses and become certified, you will be faced with a variety of different tasks. Since most of the time you’ll be called out during an emergency, you have the luxury of making people very happy once you’ve fixed their plumbing issues. Plumbers do a lot more than fix a few leaky pipes.

Why Choose Plumbing?

Since you will spend a large portion of time attending customers, having great communication skills is very important. While work weeks are typically 40-hours, most plumbers end up working a lot of overtime. Self-employed plumbers may end up working more or less depending on the amount of contracted work they’ve received.

Advancement Opportunities

Plumbing is one career which offers many ways to advance. There is a growing demand for workers in this industry and have the certification of a plumber will open many doors in the job world. To earn extra income, you can also become a tutor or assessor in the education department.

Plumbing is a job which requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. There are also many safety and health responsibilities associated with this career choice. You need to be friendly and be able to effectively communicate with clients. Patience is important and you need to be able to learn quickly. Most plumbers are also excellent problem solvers and very flexible in regards to their schedules and decision-making processes.

The Benefits

Being a plumber carries many benefits. Since you’ll be working hands-on on most jobs, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing the project from beginning to end (something most plumbers appreciate). You’ll most likely be working in several different environments and have the opportunity to meet and engage in fun and interesting people. If you decide to become a self-employed plumber then you can set a schedule which suits your lifestyle.

Plumbing Classes & Training

On average, becoming a plumber takes about four years. You’ve got to be committed and willing to work hard in order to become certified. Most college courses require that you take an aptitude test to determine if you are mentally capable to become a plumber. Another great route people take to become a plumber is apprenticeship.

Basically, this allows you to work with an experienced plumber so that you can learn how a typical day on the job works. Finally, expect to make between $40,000 and $50,000 per year as a plumber. This number can easily increase and advancement opportunities are definitely available if you are dedicated, work hard, and put in the time. Learn to be a plumber, find plumbing classes listed on this site.

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