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Are you a registered nurse (RN), and interested in furthering your career by obtaining a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN)? When you get a BSN, you open yourself up to more opportunities to earn more and take on more responsibility, leading to a more rewarding experience as a professional. Use our search tool and get the answers you are looking for. You’ll find colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s degrees in nursing and a detailed list of the programs offered. Want to learn more? Get started right now! Find nursing schools in your area and enroll today!

Why Choose The Field of Nursing?

Is nursing the right career for you? If you are nurturing, empathetic and delight in the caring of others, you might discover that a rewarding career in nursing is right for you. There are accredited nursing schools in many cities that can supply you with the training and skills necessary to achieve your goals. You can develop skills for a wide range of careers, such as practical nursing, patient care technician training, certified nurse’s assistant training, registered nursing, and a lot more. Employment opportunities for nurses abound in health centers, hospitals, home care offices, labs, psychological health facilities, long-term care facilities, and colleges.

For most students, the first hurdle to pursuing a career as a Nurse is selecting which program is right for you. We have gathered a variety of information to help you locate a school that may be perfect for you. If you need to continue working while you go to class, an online program may be ideal. Regardless of which program you pick, ensure that it has earned the seal of endorsement from an accrediting agency that oversees healthcare schools. If you would like information on one of the schools listed, please complete an information request and the school will contact you to answer questions and be of further help.

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